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Attitudes of Secondary School Students Towards the use of Technology in Language Learning

Technology is widespread and influences every aspect of our life in the 21st century. Using modern innovations is very important for educational world, too. However, are students really willing to use technology for educational purposes? The purpose of this study is to investigate the attitudes of secondary school students towards computer assisted language learning (CALL) in the language acquisition. In other words this study shed a light on how they perceive the issue. A quantitative research method was utilized. A survey was formed and applied to 7th, 8th and 9th graders at Private Demirel College in Tbilisi, Georgia. According to the findings of this study the attitudes of the language learners towards computer assisted language learning arehighly positive. They regard CALL as relaxing, entertaining and informative. So, teachers are strongly recommended to benefit from it for the sake of language education. Key words - computer assisted language learning, motivation, innovation, language acquisition, technology, integration of CALL, Tbilisi, Georg