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College (University) Counseling Implementation on High School Students in terms of Academic Motivation and University Readiness

Although there are some researches and articles about university counseling in limited number, the topic is still really fresh even in America. The terms, guidance counseling and university counseling are still confusing ones and mentioned and discussed together although they are not the same jobs exactly. School guidance counselors who provide social, emotional guidance in the process of character building are present commonly and work in many schools in USA. On the other hand, although high school students need college counselling vitally and urgently, it is hard to state that schools hire college counsellors adequately in the world. No need to say, there are plenty of reasons that hinder college counselling from spreading among high schools. Among many reasons it is a fact that the number of researches which were carried out to investigate the relationship between college counselling and college readiness is unsatisfactory in the world. In other words, the amount of the scientific researches that study and prove the impact of college counselling on students’ aspiration and college readiness before they enroll in a college needs to be increased. Keywords - college counseling, university admission, TOEFL, IELTS, SAT, GPA