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Impact of Rural Transport on Agricultural Development: Case Study Jalangi Block, Murshidabad, West Bengal

Rural transportation plays an important role in agricultural development. It is the major means of transporting agricultural produce from the farms to the markets as well as to various urban communities. This study examines the impact of rural road transport on agricultural development in Jalangi Block, Murshidabad district west Bengal, India. Primary and secondary data has been used for the study. Two hundred copies of questionnaire were distributed systematically to the farmers in the study area. Group discussion was also used to obtain information on the impact of road transport on rural development as a whole for the study area. Descriptive and analytical statistical methods were employed to analyze the data. However, the bad conditions of the road affect cost of transportation of agricultural produce which in turn affect the rural farmers’ income. This study concludes by suggesting that an improvement in road transport system will lead to increased production by farmers. Community participation in road transport development should also be encouraged in the study area. Index terms - Rural transportation, Food production, Agricultural development