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An Impact Assessment of Technological Developments in Paddy Production in India

The present study understands the role of technology in paddy production, and finds the gap for technological developments across regions and draws inferences for potential regions. The results suggest that Haryana, Punjab and Kerala are most stable state for sustained paddy production, well equipped with technological advancements. Regions Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu are more adapt at technology. In sum, the higher return generating states have adopted technology faster than other states. From panel data estimation it is found that there is a positive and statistically significant impact of technology on paddy yield in Indian regions. States such as Assam, Bihar, Orissa and West Bengal are identified as potential states for adoption of technology. The study builds an argument to incentivize the paddy growers through remunerative price for their produce. Based on input use pattern of fertilizers, irrigation and pesticides, there is ample scope for Punjab, Haryana and West Bengal towards implementation of System of rice intensification techniques for sustainable development. Keywords - Benefit cost analysis, financial position, panel data estimation and technology.