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Sustainable Campus: Advocacy Implementation Practices and Perceptions of Staff And Students of UKM

UKM has implemented various programs towards a sustainable campus to support the efforts of environmental safeguarding and the existing resources in a sustainable way, thus contributing to global environmental preservation for future generations. Therefore, the advocacy program was held on 20 April 2017 with the theme Eco Green Campus Program 2.0: Green Office@UKM as one of the initiatives to educate and create awareness among the campus community, especially staffs of UKM, about the importance of sustainable practices. A survey was conducted to ensure input from the campus community of UKM, regarding their perceptions and involvements in campus sustainability program based on the UI GreenMetric World University Ranking indicators developed by University of Indonesia. The indicators measured in this study are infrastructure and green spaces, energy efficiency, waste management, water management, transportation and education.The study also aims to determine the differences in perception among the campus community of UKM to the sustained campaigns held by the university. The respondents consisted of 40 staff, 19 students and 3 from other service groups. The sample selection was made based on purposive sampling involving participants who attended the Eco Green Campus 2.0: Green Office@UKM Program at the main campus in UKM Bangi. The study found that most of the campus community, encourage and are directly involved in the sustainability programs in UKM to make it success. This study could also other institutions of higher education in Malaysia to create a sustainable campus with the involvement of the campus community. Keywords: Sustainable Campus, Campus Community, Involvement, Sustainable Development, Advocacy