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Process of Awareness-Raising For Improving Quality of Life Among Female Inmates

The quality of life of female inmate during prison time and after prison time has been the focusing point of study of many researches. The purposes of this research were to study the self-awareness of female inmates before and after prison time and to study problem, motivation to commit repeated crimes, and to study the quality of life for female inmates after prison time and back to society. The population of this study included 844 female inmates who had the age between 20-40 years old and were close to release into society. This was a mixed research method of both quantitative and qualitative method. Both primary data and secondary data were required to analyze and interpretation. The findings of this research would be and an understanding of problems and factors that led to the repeated crime and a structure of self-awareness and guidelines to improve the ways to reduce risk of female inmates for committing repeated crimes as well as ways to enhance the formal female inmates’ quality of life. Keywords- Female Inmates, Prison, Awareness, Quality of Life