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The Trend of Sustainable Investment Promotion For Chinese Investors

Chinese foreign direct investment has been increasing important to both ASEAN nations and Thailand. The purposes of this research were to understand the comprehension of the beliefs, values, and opportunity plan for Chinese investors to invest in Thailand, to study the process of investment of Chinese investors, to study the culture and management behavior of Chinese investor, and to suggest ways to adjust the plan and behavior to suit with Thai investment context. This was a mixed research of both qualitative and quantitative method. An in-depth interview was conducted to gain in-sight information from Chinese investors and Thai government officials. A survey of 120 Chinese investors to elicit more information for analysis. The research aimed to study two dimensions: society dimension and cultural dimension. The benefits of this research were to gain the understanding of Chinese investors cultural and behavior which were different from the western investors as well as to provide a recommendations to offer a policy that suit with Chinese investor. Keywords- Chinese Investors, Investment Promotion, Trend