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Theorizing the Effects of Leader’s Methods of Monitoring on Job Performance: The Mediating Role of Organizational Citizenship Behavior

Performance monitoring refers to the collection of information about the work. Employee reactions to monitoring matter because organizations have a strong stake in maintaining both employee motivation and well-being.There are different methods of monitoring by organization leaders including observation, informal discussion and formal meeting. Each of these methods and the frequency of employee performance monitoring have different effects on employee job performance. Organizational citizenship behavior (OCB) also interferes in this relationship since some methods of monitoring decrease OCB and some of them increase OCB. This study is an attempt to theorize the effects of methods of leadermonitoring on job performance considering the role of organizational citizenship behavior. Based on the developed conceptual model, OCB has a mediating role between methods of monitoring by leader and employee job performance. The proposed hypothesizedrelationships in this study can be a base for further research in this area. Keywords: Leader Monitoring, Method of Monitoring, Job Performance, Organizational Citizenship Behavior.