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Factors that have Impacts on the Project of Greeen Train from Mochit to Sapanmai-Kukot

Traffic congestion is an on-going problem of Bangkok, Thailand. Mass rapid transit system or train is one of the innovative ways to reduce traffic congestion in Bangkok areas. The purposes of this research were to study the factors that have impacts on the project of green train from Mochit to Sapanmai-Kukot in four different areas: factor to remove public utilities, factors of environment, factor of traffic management, and factor of land expropriation, to study the public opinion regarding the management of impact of traffic congestion, and to recommend ways to reduce the negative impacts of the projects. This was a qualitative research method aimed to elicit information, experiences, comments, and opinions from a variety of sample groups. The benefits from this research were to understand the problem and impact of Green Train as well as to understand the needs and wants of general public who have been affected by the project. Finally, the results provide a guidelines to recommend proper ways to reduce negative impacts of the projects and increase level of satisfaction from the general public. Keywords: Impact Factors, Green Train Project, Environment