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Communuty Participation in The Electricity Plant Powered by Garbage: A Case Study of Chiangmai Municipality

Garbage and garbage collection has been an ongoing problems for Thailand and has a tendency to be a serious national problem. The electricity powered by garbage is one of the most important solutions for this kind of problem. The purposes of this research were to study ways of community participation to develop the electricity plant powered by garbage, to study factors influencing the community participation, to study problems and obstacles of the community participation, and to study the impacts of electricity plants powered by garbage have on the environment of Chiangmai municipal. This was qualitative research method which focused on the 20 informants to offer their insight knowledge. Triangulation method was conducted to gain three groups information. The benefits from this research included the solution to get rid of garbage and to gain low cost for electricity for the community. Keywords- Electricity, Chiangmai Municipality, Participation