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Damrongtham Centre the Mechanisms and Processes of Government to Resolve the Public Petition

Damrongtham centre, a new public agency, is one of the most important centre for general public to submit petition. The purposes of this research were to study the mechanism and process of government to resolve the public petition, to study the management effectiveness of Damrangtham center, and to study the factors influencing the effectiveness of the role, policy, and regulations on sustainable industrial development in Thailand. This was a qualitative research technique by utilizing documentary research, in-depth interview, and non-participant observation. Key informants were selected from 20 of public and government officials who were involved in the petition process. The benefits of this research included the understanding of management effectiveness of Damrongtham center, understand factors influencing the management effectiveness as well as the recommendation to improve the management of Damrongtham centre in the future. Keywords- Damrongtham Centre, Public Petition, Government