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The Study of Public Interest from Child Protection Government Fund

This study investigates the fund, in accordance with the Child Protection Act 2003, which Thai Government has been granting since 2005. All these years, the fund has aided suffering children and family for more than 35,000 persons, and also financially supported public and private sectors to drive activities/projects assisting, protecting, and improving child behavior for more than 800 organizations and 850 projects. The style and operation of the fund have been developed continuously, particularly the way to grant public and private sectors, which is the essential key driving the funding process to achieve the objectives of Child Protection Fund establishment in conformity with the Child Protection Act 2003. This research examines elements and factors measuring values of the work of Child Protection Fund, likewise investigating problems and obstacles for resolutions. It also expects to create policies and better operations. The 3 main goals of this study are, firstly, to evaluate values and factors driving the fund. Secondly, it aims to analyze perspectives of everyone involved with the Child Protection Fund. Finally, it proposes ways to improve the operation of Child Protection Fund. The result reveals that, firstly, the values of Child Protection Fund consist of the value of policies and strategies protecting child (Policy-based); (2) the value of the area, both the benefits and results (Area-based); (3) the value of developing organizational network (Agency-based); and (4) the value of developing individuals and the service system (Service-based). Secondly, the most important result was policy dimensions that found the Child Protection Fund expresses its values in developing the policies of national child protection and improving education and society for the children. Index Terms - Child Protection, Government Fund