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The Value of the Firm, Evidence from the Tourism Sector in the Region of Vlora

In the recent years in Albania investments in tourism are steadily increasing resulting thus an important sector especially for the Vlora’s Region, where most of the new businesses are tourism oriented, proving the vital and irreplaceable role that this sector has in the economy of this region. The focus of this paper is the study of the main methods for estimating the value of the firms, which, in this case are tourism companies and in the same time, the study of various factors that affect the value of tourism companies. This study is based on analyzing the financial statements of tourism companies declared in the Regional Taxation Directorate of Vlora’s city, composing 19 cross-section data in four time-series periods (2013-2016) and generating so 56 observations. Estimations and results analysis are based on testing panel data fixed and random effect models. Index Terms - Firm value, financial statements, tourism companies, econometric models.