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Potentials and Benefits of Resort Area Development in Agulu Orumba Lake Region in Anambra State, Nigeria

A resort area is a complex tourism destination which takes care of almost all the needs of a tourist so that he does not look elsewhere to satisfy any of them again. These include accommodation, feeding, attraction, sports, communication, purchases, worship etc. A lake is a potential tourism resource and a locus of tourism development. Though a resort could be located anywhere, it makes better tourism sense to locate it near a lake or other fascinating natural features. Most natural resources, particularly lakes, in Anambra State and Nigeria generally have not been gainfully harnessed. With numerous lakes that dot the landscape of the state, it is quite surprising that none has been fully developed as a tourist resort destination in spite of their attractive and unique tourism potential. It is partly because of the absence of standard resort destination that many fun-seekers and holiday-makers from the state and its neighborhood often travel abroad for holiday. Developing a mega-tourist resort will hopefully fill this recreational vacuum, boost the local economy and add value to our ecosystem. The general objective of this research was to explore the prospects of developing a mega lake tourist destination in Anambra State. Specifically, the objectives were to examine the prospects of developing a regional lake resort in Anambra State. The research was guided by four research questions that align with the above objectives. Key words: Area, Development, Resort, SWOT Tourism,