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Multi Operational Pneumatic Machine for Sheet Metal

Sheet metal operations are usually carried out either manually or with the help of hydraulic actuators. Sheet metal is widely used in many sectors like Automobile, Aerospace and Medical etc. For specific operations such as piercing, bending, shearing, embossing; sheet metal should pass through various machines which are specifically designed for particular operation incurring heavy investment for small scale industries as well as increase in manufacturing lead time (MLT). The main objective of the present work is to perform shearing, bending, piercing & embossing operations on sheet metal by using a single pneumatic cylinder. Pneumatics system is well known for their simplicity, reliability and ease of operation. Also, they are suitable for fast and rapid application of force. Therefore the purpose of this project is to design a die to perform various operations such as shearing, bending, piercing and embossing on sheet metal using hydraulic system which operates effectively with a pressure of 8-10 bar. Application of this approach in small scale industries will go a long way to minimize the overall cost of production and reduce MLT. Index Terms - Bending, Embossing, Hydraulic Actuators, MLT, Piercing, Shearing.