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Social Media Monitoring Tools: A Comparison Based on the Critical Features

Nowadays, using social media for communication is common among most of the people. People put their comments and feedback about many things including a product or a brand in different social media like Facebook and Twitter. There are plenty of data available every day in social media, however how to utilize this data and provide insight into the organization in order to improve their performance in the market is a question for every organization. Today, monitoring social media is a necessity for every organization. This will provide related data continually, so the firm can use it in its internal processes. There are many monitoring tools available in the market. How to select each one and what benefits can earn from each one is an issue yet. This research tries to review the most important social media monitoring tools and propose some criteria for comparison. Then based on the suggested criteria, a comparison was conducted to help the organization in selecting the appropriate monitoring tools that suit to their business. The result can help managers to make better decisions on the selecting of social media monitoring tools. Keywords - Social media, monitoring tools, analytics tools, critical features.