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Migrating to the Social CRM: Exploring the Motives and Barriers of Social CRM Systems Implementation

Web 2.0 technologies provide new marketing tools and tactics to help businesses attract, convert, and retain customers. Today, firms are challenged by the rise of social media applications and these new technologies have become as a vital managerial requirement in customer relationship management (CRM). Social media and web 2.0 technology introduced social CRM as a new version of CRM strategy. Social CRM is still a relatively new domain in business context and it has considered as a strategic systems in marketing area leading to an innovative efficient approach. Despite the importance of social CRM systems adoption, there is no study which identify motives and barriers of social CRM implementation comprehensively.For fill this research gap, this study tries to analyze relative literature to extract important motives and barriers and also evaluate and prioritize them regarding experts’ viewpoints. Therefore, the main contribution of this paper is to explore the drivers and barriers to Social CRM implementation. Keywords - CRM, Social Media, Social CRM, System Implementation, Technology Adoption