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Research on the Application of GIS-Based Measures in the Advancement of the Construction Project Information System

The Construction Project Information System (CPIS), an information system constructed as part of the construction Continuous Acquisition and Lifecycle Support (CALS) of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport (MOLIT), is designed to digitize construction projects across all stages, and to enable the sharing of information so as to enhance the productivity and efficiency of construction projects and to secure their transparent administration. CPIS, one of MOLIT's internal work systems, focuses on work handling and data management. Aged more than 10 years after its construction, however, CPIS is mainly composed of text- and document-based construction project information and is not interfaced with the visualization-based Geographic Information System (GIS), resulting in limitations in sharing and disseminating information as well as in identifying the overall construction project status. To resolve the existing CPIS limitations and problems and to upgrade the system, this study examined the domestic and overseas GIS technology trends and relevant information systems, and analyzed the CPIS status and problems. As a result, a GIS-based integrated construction project information service system and detailed information service measures for each construction project information unit system were proposed. Keywords - Construction project information system, Continuous acquisition and lifecycle support (CALS), Geographic information system (GIS), Ministry of Land Infrastructure and Transport (MOLIT).