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Knowledge Management as an it Policy Governing it Knowledge in Banking Sector

In this document the definition of Knowledge and Knowledge management is provided in an attempt to depict the ambiguity of the term and the different authors’ views on the subjects. Most scholars tend to agree that there are two type of Knowledge, Tacit and Explicit. The “Knowledge Cycle,” “Knowledge Conversion” and “Knowledge Refinery” methodologies have been addressed along with strategies and different schools of Knowledge Management. Once the theoretical framework was addressed, the document is detailing the Knowledge concepts focusing on Banking and thereafter in IT. In this way, an understanding of the Banking IT knowledge culture is demonstrated. Influences and interdependencies on multinational Organizational structures and cultures are presented under the prism of sociocultural perspective. The importance of Knowledge being a corporate initiative is discussed and respective opportunities and challenges are identified and described. The Knowledge Management framework was projected on current IT operations of the Bank in an attempt to identify a road map. Suggestions in relation to enhancements and future developments have been outlined thus providing with a stepwise approach of implementation. Keywords – Knowledge, Knowledge Management, Big Data, Variety, Operational Risk