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Effects of Carbonization Temperature on Properties of Activated Carbon Prepared from Cassava Rhizome Waste Disposal from Starch Industry

The proposes of this research were to investigate effects of carbonization temperature on properties of activated carbon prepared from cassava rhizome left from starch industry by chemical activation using sodium chloride (NaCl).In this research, carbonization temperature as 300, 400, 500, and 600┬░Ceffected to methylene blue adsorption, percentage yield, percentage moisture, and iodine number of activated carbon were studied. The results shown the proper temperature for carbonization temperature activated was 400 ┬░Cthat provided methylene blue adsorption of 95.32%, percentage yield of 73.65, percentage moisture of 6.71, and iodine number of 1,427.73 mg/g. Physical characteristics from SEM was found that activate carbon with NaClperformed higher porositymore than non-activated carbon. Keywords- Cassava Rhizome, Methylene Blue Adsorption, Percentage Yield, Percentage Moisture,Iodine Number.