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The Influence of Normsin Savings Mobilization in Co-Operatives in Nyamira County

The purpose of the research which looked at norms and savings mobilization in co-operatives in Nyamira County was conducted using correlation methodology among co-operative members in savings and credit co-operatives. The statistical sample consisted of 186 members who were randomly selected and studied through questionnaire. The validity of the questionnaire’s reliability was ascertained by the researcher using the Cronbach’s alpha coefficient which was at 0.991. The data was analyzed using STATA 13 software. The results showed that normsdid not significantly influence saving mobilization through co-operatives among the people of Nyamira. Therefore, it is recommended that the spirit of adopting normsin co-operatives and among the populace of Nyamira County be taken seriously when dealing with savings mobilization, government policies and programmes. The findings of the study will be useful for the County and National Governments in formulating coherent Policies that inculcate patriotism, courtesy and cohesion among co-operators when addressing developmental challenges in co-operatives.