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Technical Efficiency Analysis on Agricultural Production of Brics and The United States: A Copula-based Stochastic frontier Approach

This study is to analyze technical efficiency of top five agricultural production countries in the world and to find out which input is the main contributor of their large amount of output and make comparison between five countries by using copula-based stochastic frontier approach. The results found that rotated Joe 270┬░copula is the best fit one for US, India and Russian Federation. And for China, Frank copula is the best copula while Gaussian is the best one for India. Land is the most influential factor of agricultural output in US and Russian Federation. For China, livestock is the most important contributor. Labor force in Brazil and India is the main factor of their large amount of output. And the technical efficiencies of these five countries fluctuates approximately between the range from 0.5 to 1. Keywords- Technical Efficiency, Stochastic Frontier, BRICS, The United States, Copula.