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Research and Development in Large Software Companies and Multiple Orientations - A Case Study of Infosys

Purpose: The role of Research and Development in the Software sector is inevitable. Also the long term competitive advantage and the survival of the software companies is dependent on the Research and Development activities and the innovations they are going to bring. But at the same time R & D is confined mainly to ‘adaptive’ area of multiple orientations .There should be R& Ds in other orientations also. Also the generative and adaptive and other strategic learning should combine to transform the organization into a fully reactive and thriving entity. So the purpose of the paper is to analyze the R &D‘s effectiveness on the gross profit of the company and linkage of the R & D initiatives with the creation of innovations and creation of new knowledge and integration of new knowledge. Design/Methodology/Approach: This is based on the exploratory case study of Infosys R & D expenditure and knowledge management and comparing it with the new initiatives in the knowledge management in the IT industry. Findings: The R & D activities do not have bigger impact on the return of the organization. Multiple Orientations are lacking in Infosys. The definition of R & D is not connoting innovativeness or entrepreneurship. Research Limitations and Implications: Practical Implications: The survival of the IT companies is very much dependent on the multiple orientations and knowledge management. Originality/value: The scope of R & D was confined before to technology, but now under multiple orientations assumes a new dimension and it’s a combination of R & D in different orientations. Keywords - Multiple orientations, Innovation, Knowledge Management