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Creating Trust ICT Business Models by three types of Asymmetries: Based on Disruptive Innovation Theory

The purpose of this study is to create trust ICT business models, not only to allow people to maintain control and receive the information and social network service benefit, but also to be connected safely with IoTs and physical networks. For this, it firstly defines trust and trust ICT and discusses the disruptive innovation as theoretical background. With this backdrop, it formulates the analysis framework for developing the trust ICT business models by three types of asymmetries such as information & service, solution, and control asymmetries. As the result, trust ICT business models are proposed and the related use cases with new market disruption are shown. To solve the problem of information asymmetries, ephemeral messaging application, reputation related services and ID management solutions are recommended. To solve the problem of solution asymmetries, email data management, consumer IoT data management, and IoT management for companies are recommended. Lastly, to solve the problem of control asymmetries, device & companion app, consumer cloud storage, and cloud management for companies are recommended. Keywords - Trust, ICT, Business model, Disruptive innovation.