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Children’s Social Competences : An Early Detection

Social competence is a development that plays a strategic role in the growth of children. The results of the study show that even social competence can also influence children's achievement in school. Strategic social competence, encouraging researchers to develop early detection devices of children's social competence. This tool is designed to measure the social competence of children and predict the obstacles that children experience, primarily with regard to social development. Involved 115 children from TK Negeri Pembina in West Java Province observed through 100 items of social competence indicator. The results showed that the device of early detection model of social competence showed a reliable instrument (r = 0.99> r table = 0.7). While the validity of items consisting of 100 items, it can be concluded 68 valid indicator indicators are divided into 4 sub-competence, including: (1) The self-concept (15 items indicators); (2) Emotional Well- Being (18 items of indicators); (3) prosocial behavior (23 item indicators); (4) social-academic (12 item indicator). Keywords - Early Childhood Detection, Social Competence, Prosocial, The Self-Concept, Emotional Well-Being, Social- Academic