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The Study of Macerals in Low Rank Coal (LIGNITE) at Warukin Formation, South Kalimantan and their Possibility for Coal Liquefaction

The study of macerals in low rank coal of Warukin Formation, South Kalimantan, is reported. Coal samples were taken from three layers namely Wara Coal Seam-110, Seam-120, and Seam-200. The macerals were observed usingcoal with diameter of 3 cm then pulverized with +10-20 mesh size. The results of observation show that the content of macerals in Wara layer consists of vitrinite group reach of 81%w, the liptinite groupof 51%w and the inertinite group of 27%w. Coal with high percentage of liptinite group could be utilized for liquefaction due to the groups were derived from trace of plants such as spores, resin, wax and fat. The contents of coal have corelation with the amout of conversion during liquefaction. The more macerals of vitrinite the more conversion got. Keywords- Low Rank Coal, Warukin Formation, Maceral, Coal Liquefaction