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Leadership Derailment and Resons of Today’s Leaders’ Derailment

Understanding causes of leadership derailment is fundamental to limit leaders’ failure. In the global and technological world, leadership derailment has become a central issue for organizations. Derailment “occurs when a manager who was expected to go higher in the organization and who was judged to have the ability to do so is forced, demoted or plateaued below expected levels of achievement” (Lombardo and McCauley cited in Gentry et al., 2009). This paper attempts to show that there are four fundamental reasons for leadership derailment: problems with interpersonal relationships, leading a team, adaptation to change and meeting business objectives and aims. This paper also highlights the importance of the intentions of today’s leaders on derailment because there are significant reasons, for instance, globalization, turbulent environment, complexity, technological chance, stakeholders, etc. This paper begins with the explanation of leadership derailment and reasons for it. It will then go on to analyze why today’s leaders are especially concerned about derailment. Finally, it will consider the costs of leadership derailment. Keywords - Derailment, Interpersonal Relationship, Leadership, Leaders’ Failure, Leading a Team, Transition.