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Comparative Analysis of Indian Stock Exchange and Major Index with Global Stock Exchange and their Major Index

Indian Stock Market at Global Stage holds a predominant place in world’s economy. Bombay Stock Exchange and National Stock Exchange are two stock exchanges with advance technologies. Globally India’s stock Exchange holds a great significance when it comes to comparison of all stock exchanges. In this research paper we will compare major world’s stock exchange in terms of both qualitative and quantitative terms. There are various factors that affect stock exchange including trade barriers or requirements both globally or individually. India’s Stock exchange includes both BSE and NSE. Where Bombay stock Exchange is the oldest stock exchange with major index as Sensex and National Stock Exchange is one with far better technologies and has advancement with major index to be NIFTY 50. There are various regulations that are differently applied on different stock exchanges over the world. The Analysis is done in two parts that is quantitative and qualitative where the Stock exchange of various countries are taken with their index are compared thereafter. Keywords - Stock Market, International Stock Exchange, Bombay Stock Exchange, National Stock Exchange, International Regulations, Comparison and relationship.