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Text to Braille Conversion: A Survey

In the current era the world around us is going to be electronic. Everything is at present available at digital and virtual world and the whole world is taking the advantages of that but the problem is arising when the visually impaired person will be concerned about the electronic and digitized world. Approximately 84 million people in this world are not able to see and those blind persons could not be able to take advantage of electronic world like reading of digital data from the electronic thing. They use the Braille language to read the data with the sense of touching to it but the problem is arisen when the reading has to be done from the electronic content as they cannot sense it by touching to it. Software is developed to perform the translation of Text to Braille and support of translation to Braille from many languages with the translation following grade rules. This application is improvements to the existing system in terms of features and abilities in translating the text into Braille code. Among those features that can be added to this application is to add the number of letters that can be translated. This application is a web based application. Index Terms- Electronic text, Rule Based Algorithm, Braille board