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Relationships among Brand Experience, Customer Experiential Value and Customer Satisfaction: An Empirical Research in Vietnam

The purpose of this study is to propose and empirically test a model of relationships among brand experience, customer experiential value, and customer satisfaction. Understanding these relationships is helpful for managers to maximize the satisfaction of their customer via positive brand experience and high experiential value. An empirical survey conducted with 352 real consumers in Ho Chi Minh and Ha Noi city (Vietnam) is used to test the hypotheses. Data are analyzed using Amos 20.0 to understand the effect of the research model. The empirical results reveal that brand experience positively and directly influenced customer experiential value as well as customer satisfaction, customer experiential value positively and directly influenced customer satisfaction. Especially, brand experience positively and indirectly influenced customer satisfaction through customer experiential value. Keywords - Brand Experience, Customer Experiential Value, Customer Satisfaction