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A Study on Recent Developments in Retail Marketing

Retail marketing as a key component of retail business has undergone a considerable change with time. Retailing in India and almost all across the globe has experienced a massive transition in retail marketing strategies, industry size, retail formats, capital, nature etc. At the time India got independence retailing was only confined to small unorganised shops but in the past six to seven decades, it has undergone a huge change thereby giving birth to organised retail sector, mall culture, e-retailing etc. All of this has also modified and given a totally new dimension to modern retail marketing. This comprehensive analytical research paper intends to study all the recent advancements and developments that have taken place in the field of retailing and retail marketing. Keywords - Retail Marketing, Retailing, Retail Management, Retail Trends, E-Retailing, FDI and Retail, Mall Culture, Organised Retail, Retail Marketing Strategies, Modern Retailing, Rural Retail Marketing