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Building the Awareness of Indonesian People for Blood Donors (In A Study of Consumer Behavior)

Donating blood is still become a big problem in under-develop country, specifically Indonesia, because the blood supply is always deficit ( Thus, the hospital always lacks blood when it will provide relief to patients who need transfusions. This study wants to give insight about how to increase the awareness of people through intention for donating blood. Of the 200 donators as a sample, the result of study explains that incentive is the most interesting variable that can influence individual in donating blood. While the risk is not variable that affects individual in donating blood. In this study also found that the awareness of people in donating blood depends on altruism. It means that in high altruism, both incentive and risk are not variables that influence attitude and intention in donating blood, while in low altruism, both incentive and risk influence attitude and intention in donating blood. This study gives some suggestions that in promoting blood donors, the Government should give the full attention towards individuals with the different of altruism in building the strategies to increase the blood donors. Key words - Donating Blood, Altruism, Incentive, Risk, Intention, Attitude.