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Assessing the Impact of CBBE and WOM on Purchase Intention of Consumers in the Clothing Sector of Mauritius

Purpose: The objective of this paper is to assess the impact of Customer Based Brand Equity (CBBE) and Word of Mouth (WOM) on the purchase intention of consumers in the clothing sector of Mauritius. Design/Methodology: Face to face interview was conducted along with an online survey involving 200 participants. Findings: The analysis showed that brand awareness has the strongest impact on purchase intention on consumers in the Clothing sector of Mauritius. However perceived quality and brand association had no significant impact on the purchase intention of consumers. Other influential factors such as brand related activities are discussed further in the paper. Practical implications: The effect of WOM can be a significant factor contributing to purchase intention along with the other dimensions of CBBE model. Originality: This study contributes to the CBBE model by adding a new dimension, WOM to measure the impact on the purchase intention of consumer in the Mauritian clothing sector. Keywords: Brand awareness, brand loyalty, CBBE, WOM,