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Determinants Affecting Organizational Performance by Thai Electrical Appliance and Electronics Industry: A Conceptual Perspective

The electrical appliance and electronics industry is important to the world and continues to see growth. The industry in Thailand manufactures products for export and serves as one of the main production bases for electrical appliances and electronics globally. This study aimed to examine the influence of creating brand equity and sociallyresponsible marketing, which positively affect the efficiency of organizational performance for operations in the electrical appliance and electronics industry in Thailand. Enhanced performance results in more advantages in the region. It was found that organizations focusing on creating brand equity and socially-responsible marketing were more able to create and utilize competitiveness, causing the organizations to have more beneficial performance in the electrical appliance and electronics industries in Thailand while stipulating the policies and planning of operational strategies in order to further develop the industries. Keywords - Brand equity, Socially-responsible marketing, Organizational performance