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Agricultural Social Enterprise Innovation using Intelligent Farmland Allocation

This research is to introduce an intelligent farmland allocation model and systemplatform to enhance an effective allocation process of agricultural social enterprises (ASE). All along such small-scale ASE use a manual way to allocate farmlands from their working experiences. But it leads to a crucial problem that framers and ASE hard to judge theaccurate quantity of crops on so limited farmlands. The accurate farmlands can fulfill the requires of plant-to-order in summer and winter seasons.This study tends to solve ASE’s social and business problems and improve the effectiveness of planting. These farmers probably encounter the uncertain risks of excess or insufficient crops to plant and sell. In order to reduce the uncertain risks of demand and loss of revenue, this study proposes an intelligent farmland allocation system platform for the optimal farmland allocations to help both farmers and ASE.The system implementsan optimizationmethod –Genetic Algorithm (GA) that can optimize and estimate the planting plan with the lowest planting costs and limited farmlands. In other words, the ASEcan conduct this novel way to collaborate and improve agriculturalproductivity. The research contributes to the developments of organic agricultural markets, farmland friendly, andbusiness sustainability of ASE. Keywords- GA, Intelligent Farmland Allocation, Agricultural Service Innovation, Social Enterprises,Genetic Algorithm