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Strategic Versus Tactical Considerations In Innovation

This study addresses one of the most enduring and long-debated issues in innovation, namely the distinction between strategic and tactical considerations along the lengthy innovation process. Like in any other major business initiative, a strategic viewpoint in product innovation (1) provides us a sense of purpose and direction in our product innovation activities, (2) directs our attention, resources and support to product innovation, and (3) clarifies the misperceptions of people in the innovatiopn process about the importance of innovation. Because of some external competitive pressures, we can still achieve some innovation without a strategic viewpoint; however, its impact will not be long-lasting. In fact, if we want to be successful in the long-run, innovation should be part of our overall company strategy. Likewise, tactical considerations are also important in innovation. Such considerations help companies (1) to see whether the product can actually work, (2) to learn how to improve it, and (3) to assess the product development performance against established plans and targets. This study highlights the unique and distinct roles that these two types of considerations can play in successful innovation. In particular, it emphasizes that while strategic considerations help companies set their longterm objectives in order to enhance their performance, tactical considerations can help them achieve those objectives with carefully thought-out undertakings along the lengthy innovation process. Index terms- Innovation, Competiveness, Strategies, Tactical Decisions, Performance.