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Exploring the Assessment Culture of Higher Education in the Context of Outcomes-Based Education: A Case of St. Dominic College of Asia (SDCA), Philippines

This study aims to explore the assessment culture of college teachers . The Assessment Practices Inventory (Zhang & Burry-Stock) was used for this purpose. The inventory was administered to 44 college teachers of St. Dominic College of Asia, Philippines. The syllabi or the weekly learning plan of the teachers were analyzed as to extent of implementation of the assessment activities in the context of OBE. Results showed that teachers’ most common assessment practices is assessing group participation. Also, the use of authentic or alternative assessments as direct or indirect assessments is frequently implemented. The use written assessment format remains the major methods in assessing student learning outcomes. Implications include if teachers varied assessment practices perceptions also imply differences in their views about teaching effectiveness. Keywords- Assessment Culture, Higher Education , Outcomes-Based Education