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Study of Spin Selling Through Projects in Controlled Environment – Advanced Methodology

Key features and benefits, include focus on business justification, defined organization structure for the project management team, product-based planning approach, emphasis on dividing the project into manageable and controllable stages. Flexibility that can be applied at a level appropriate to the project provides an opportunity for genuine or advanced skill development as a platform for making a permanent behavior change that will positively affect sales performance. It provides insights into how buying decisions are made, and the best practice model leads salesperson to achieve sales advances that build value for both customers and their own organizations. The methodology includes real world planning sessions to ensure that the new skills become embedded and that you achieve long-term sales improvements. The aim of the SPIN Selling Skills methodology is to arm your customer-facing staff, be they sales, business development or any other role that requires they demonstrate value to your customers, with the techniques to do so effectively. Keywords - Controlled start, controlled progress, a controlled close, projects, results, sales.