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Analyzing Cosmesurge’s Scheduling Issues and their Impact on Customer Satisfaction

This research report is focused on scheduling issues that cosmetic clinic CosmeSurge’s scheduling issues. The research was designed such that the existence of the scheduling issue could be confirmed, the reasons behind the issues could be determined, and the relation between the scheduling issues and customer satisfaction could be established. A survey was conducted in which the responses of both appointment-holders and walk-in patients of the clinic were given questionnaires, the results of which indicated that the scheduling issue is impacting walk-in patients more than it is impacting appointment-holders, but both parties do acknowledge the existence of the issue. In addition to this, a group interview was conducted in which the company’s call center employees were interviewed; this interview showed that the issue was largely due to the current scheduling system not being able to accommodate walk-in patients and also due to frequent malfunctions of the system. The results confirmed the research hypothesis, based on which recommendations were given. Keywords - Scheduling Technology, Scheduling Techniques, Scheduling Challenges, Cosmetic Surgeons, Scheduling and Customer Satisfaction