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Group Cohesiveness and Conflict as Contributor Towards Creative Synergy and Work Performance in Software Industry of Pakistan

In today’s competitive world no two minds are alike everybody has his own ways and means to tackle day to day problems. Every problem in workplace have hundreds of solutions. When employees with diverse background work together to achieve the given target. Than conflict arises in these work groups. It is due to heterogeneity between employee’s personal opinions. Same in the case of group cohesiveness. It acts like a force which keep all the group members together. Group cohesiveness and group conflicts may disturb the creative synergy factor in a work group.Objectives of that research is to find out the role of group cohesiveness and conflict in work groups and how these factors contribute the creative synergy and work performance. Previously, little attention has been given to these variables by the researchers. Software industry of Pakistan is chosen as our target population for this research. There are 15321 employees working in targeted software industry as per the initial estimations. Based on this, a statistically justified and representative sample of 382 is collected using convenience sampling. Data was analyzed by using SPSS version 20 for windows. Responses collected through structured questionnaire distribution is analyzed using statistical techniques such as frequency distribution, correlation and regression analysis. Results indicates that group cohesiveness and conflict positively predicts work performance and creative synergy partially mediates the relationship between group cohesiveness and conflict and work performance. Finding of the study will be utilize by executives and IT professions in the software industry of Pakistan. In addition, study findings can be employed to identify solutions to the related human resource problems in software industry of Pakistan. Index Terms - Cohesiveness, Conflict, Heterogeneity, Synergy