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Comparative Study of Pro – Social Attitude and Social Competence of Rural Area and Urban Area Working Women of Himachal Pradesh

The women of today play the equal role in the society as the men have been playing from the time immemorial. Accordingly they have increased their number involving themselves almost in every work field of the present day society. This has been possible only due to awakening amongst the women community in response to the need of the hour. It carries a good indication for the future that our women community has also come forward to share the burden of leading the society. Thus the responsibility taken up by the women community has doubled during the recent years. On one hand , they have been, looking after all the household activities traditionally undertaken by them and on the other hand they have to accepted the new responsibilities for leading the society taking equal share with men. The investigator has undertaken the study entitled comparative study of pro - social attitude and social competence of rural area and urban area working women of Himachal Pradesh. The objective of the study was to find out the difference between rural and urban area working women of Himachal Pradesh in variables of pro – social attitude and social competence. Null hypothesis was formulated. Six hundred randomly selected subjects were taken for the present study i.e. three hundred from rural area and three hundred from urban area .Manual for social competence scale by Dr. V.P Sharma and Shukla was used, ‘t’ was employed to establish the difference.