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Comparative Study of Social Appreciations Ability, Social Emotional Integrity of Rural Area and Urban Area Working Women of Himachal Pradesh

The participation of women in economic and social activities has been steadily increasing in all the countries. Since Independence, women working as teachers, doctors, nurses, police etc. The phenomenal progress in education made them capable of working in important fields like teaching, engineering, administration, law, judiciary, journalism, politics etc. women also hold high managerial posts, there are women directors of many commercial firms, there are women legislators, ministers and chief ministers also. The traditional image of Indian women is an no doubt changing. One cannot expect this change to enter into practical life overnight. Traditional attitudes and prejudices still persist. This is but natural, for, social opinion takes its own time to change. The investigator has undertaken the study entitled comparative study of social Appreciation ability, social emotional integrity and social involvement of rural area and urban area working women of Himachal Pradesh. The objective of the study was to find out the difference between rural and urban area working women of Himachal Pradesh in variables of social Appreciation ability, social Emotional integrity and social involvement. Null hypothesis was formulated. Six hundred randomly selected subjects were taken for the present study i.e. three hundred from rural area and three hundred from urban area .Manual for social competence scale by Dr. Y.P Sharma and Shukla was used, ‘t’ was employed to establish the difference.