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Analysis of Competitiveness on Indonesian Tuna Export Commodities in Japan and USA

Indonesia, as an archipelagic country, had many fishery resources. After shrimps, tuna was one of fishery resources that became the main export commodity. In the world’s fishery market, Indonesia became one of major exporting countries especially in Japan and USA. Tuna, as the second fishery export commodity, had contributed considerable foreign exchange for Indonesia. This study aimed to find out how Indonesia’s competitiveness to tuna export commodities in 2009- 2015 and to improve the strategies for strengthening the competitiveness of Indonesian tuna in international markets, especially in Japan and USA. The analysis technique used was the index of Revealed Comparative Advantage (RCA) using time series data from 2009-2015 and also the Porter diamond method. Based on the calculation of RCA index, it obtained RCA> 1, it could be said that Indonesia had the competitiveness in the international market. However, the competitiveness of national tuna should always be improved in order to be able to compete in the international market. It was needed the good cooperation between the government as stakeholders and the company as a producer. Therefore, it was expected that with the increasing competitiveness of fishery commodities, especially tuna, the Indonesian economy would become more advanced and prospering the people. Keywords - Tuna fish, competitiveness, RCA, Diamond Porter method, strategy.