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Knowledge Management and Organizational Learning in Educational Organization

In recent decades, educational organizations are a part of what has been called the knowledge society. Based on numerous studies Knowledge Management has become a critical concern for the increasing importance of insubstantial assets as well as the major source of knowledge creation in higher learning institutions. In this regard, updating knowledge has become a firm base for a continuous organizational life in order to improve performance in the workplace for achieving and keeping social capital. In order to facilitate to get such an advantage, higher learning institutions have to bring the Knowledge Management process to their attention as an intentional prospect. The essential idea of this issue was studied in a quantitative research among lecturers’ perception on Knowledge Management at Malaysian universities. This article was written according to the literature review of the research that was focused on organizational learning, sharing knowledge and Knowledge Management in the age of information. Finally, based on literature, some findings of the research are presented as an intentional prospect in higher education institutions. Keywords - Knowledge Management, Organizational Learning, Sharing Knowledge