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The Comparison of Sport Injures in Female Football and Futsal in Premier League of Iran

Abstract - The main aim of the research was analyzing and comparing the injuries in 2 groups of women footballers and futsalers in the premier league of Iran in the season of (2009-2011). The statistical population consisted of 200 footballers and 192 futsalers. Out of which, the injured samples were selected bypurposive sampling method (70 footballers and 75 futsalers) were chosen and participated in this research. The information about the injuries was gathered with the standards of Hawkins and Fuller from the players , physiotherapists and team supervisors formed as retrospective in 2 years. Data analysis was applied at the level P≤0/5. The results showed a significant difference between injury and type injuries in football and futsal players. Also no significant difference was found between severity of injury ,cause of injuries and injured region in football and futsal players. Noticing the worrying prevalence of injuries in women soccer players ,specially futsal players in Iran and based on prevalence of knee and ankle injuries with various degrees of strain and sprain due to tackles, collisions and direction changes , it is recommended to the coaches and doctors of the teams to implemented preventive strategies including identification and special training of players to reduce the injuries. Keywords - Sports injuries, Football, Futsal