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Impact of Block Periodized Explosive power Training program on Dynamic variables and Performance to Snatch for Weightlifters

Purpose: This study aims to develop the explosive power using the Block Periodized training program and knowledge their impact on dynamic variables performance to lifting snatch for weightlifters. Applied study on a sample of (14) weightlifters from the area Canal and Sinai cities / Egypt of the season 2015/2016, the researchers used experimental method to design two groups, one experimental consisted of (7) weightlifters and the other Control group of (7) weightlifters. Where the average age of (19.00 ± 1.63 years), height (158.00 ± 5.57 cm) and weight (66.00 ± 14.61 kg) for the experimental group, while the average age (19.00 ± 1.00 years), height (160.29 ± 2.69 cm), weight (67.71 ± 14.27 kg) and age training (16.83 ± 12.92 month) for the control group. Methods: The experimental group underwent a for the explosive power development of the muscles involved in the snatch, while the control group underwent a tradition-training program. Block Periodized explosive power training program Continued for 8 Weeks 3 times per week and the training session lasted 2 hours. The pre and post photograph for the two control and experimental used a video camera Brand Panasonic, frequency 25 frames in the second. The DYNAMIC Analysis used Maxtraq on line Manual Version 5.5, measured physical tests and performance tests for the two groups. Results: The results showed a statistically significant differences between the experimental and control groups in explosive power and dynamic variables of the performance of the snatch for the experimental group where the value of p < 0.05. The results also showed the effectiveness of Block Periodized explosive power training program to increase the explosive power and improve the dynamic performance and the level of achievement for the snatch Youth weightlifters. Conclusions: These results must be taken into account by the coaches and weightlifters to use the Block Periodized training program for the development explosive power to improve the dynamic performance and the level of achievement lifting snatch for Youth weightlifters in childhood and adolescence. Keywords - Weightlifters, Block Periodized Training Program, Explosive Power, Snatch, Dynamic