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Explicit Study on Cyber Crimes using Internet

The world of internet today has become a parallel form of life and living. Public are now capable of doing things which were not imaginable few years ago. Internet as enabled the use of website communication, email and a lot of anytime, anywhere IT solutions for the betterment of humankind. The facilities of computer technology like internet have not come out without drawbacks. Though it makes the life so speed and fast, but hurled from the deadliest criminality termed as 'Cyber-crime’. Cyber-crime is emerging as a serious threat. This article is an attempt to provide an understanding of cybercrime, some of the reasons for the occurrence of cyber-crime, types of cyber-crimes, information of the person who involve in cyber-crime, the possible ways that are used by the criminals(hackers) to perform the crime, effects of cyber-crime over youth who are the main users of internet, some of the safety measures that avoids from being a victim of cyber-crime, some of the tips toprevent cyber-crimes, few examples of recent cyber hacks (2017). Keywords - Cyber-crime, Hackers.