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Environmental Effects of Color in Urban Open Space as a Case Study: Tehran-Iran

The city as a living and dynamic organ could play an important role in psychological and mental human needs. As an important of the city, open space is an arena that allows for different types of activities enclosed necessary, optional and social activities. Humans do not respond to the monotonically environment. There are many ways to make divers area and color can be one of them. Color is a visual and important statement of contemporary urban life that has been neglected due to lack of attention to its interactive capabilities in the environment. Nowadays, colors and building materials are smart, coatings can eliminate contamination and are antibacterial and, more importantly, pollute the air. The purpose of this study is point out effects of color in the environment. How can color be used in ecological and visual aspects? In order to answer this question I would like to explain some related projects and incredible color effect in air purifying. One of those is related to Tehran,the city has the most polluted air. According to this study, it can be achieved that how color can purify the environment. Eventually, it can be concluded that color can be important factor in urban design that can't be neglected. Keywords - Environmental color effects, Ecological aspects, Air purifying Color