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Development of the Evaluation Questionnaire for Facial Aesthetics of the Building Facade

The purpose of this study is to suggest the establishment of a valuation system in building facial aesthetics of the building façade. In the previous study to build the evaluation system, the characteristics of the façade were analyzed and 12 categories and 26 elements were extracted. Based on this process, the façade characteristics and elements of 7 categories were compressed; Openness, Symbolism, Color, Formative beauty, Design harmony, Structural beauty, Scenery suitability. In the case of Scenery suitability, it is an evaluation of landscape, it should be evaluated by dividing it into nature and city. But other categories can be applied anywhere because just assessments of the building. Objectives of the evaluation can be achieved by presenting simple criteria for evaluation of these categories. However, since the importance of each evaluation categories is different, a systematic evaluation system based on the importance through AHP (Analytic Hierarchy Process) and VE (Value Engineering) techniques. As a result, the facial aesthetic evaluation system can be used in the building façade design process using colorful materials; wall panels, windows, the dye-sensitized solar cells (DSC), and so on. Index Terms - Building Façade, Design Evaluation System, Building Facial Aesthetics, Analytic Hierarchy Process