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The Smart Library Navigator by using Beacon Technology

Recently, Global Positioning Systems (GPS) receivers are used for outdoor navigation, which support for smartphones and tablet devices. However, GPS is not suitable for indoor navigations due to its signal limitations. Indoor navigation can be achieved through a mobile phone using a recent technology that utilizes Bluetooth, namely beacons. Beacons are an intentionally conspicuous device designed to attract attention to a specific location. In this paper present NaLib which is a beacon assisted indoor navigation technique for smart libraries. The proposed indoor navigation technique can also be used for other applications. Beacons are placed in a library and a Bluetooth enabled, smartphone is used to install a digital library application (App) which communicates with the beacons. The result shows that when the smartphone comes in the range of a beacon, it shows the information related to the information floor and book on the smartphone screen. Keywords - Smart Library, Beacon Technology, IOT.